Ora Good Cat Car Review: Eco-Friendly Drive

ora good cat car

The Ora Good Cat is an adorable and funky electric vehicle (EV) manufactured by the Chinese company Great Wall Motor (GWM). It offers a range of features that make it an eco-friendly choice for drivers. This review dives into the design, performance, and sustainability of the Ora Good Cat.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Ora Good Cat is an affordable electric vehicle designed by GWM.
  • It comes in two models, offering claimed ranges of 400km and 500km.
  • The Good Cat features a quirky and retro-inspired design.
  • It offers smooth handling and comfortable driving experience.
  • The Good Cat comes with convenient charging options and sufficient range.

Introducing the Ora Good Cat

The Ora Good Cat, a sub-brand of Great Wall Motor (GWM), is a remarkable addition to the world of affordable electric vehicles (EVs). As part of GWM’s Ora brand, the Good Cat aims to make eco-friendly driving accessible to a wider audience. With its charming design and competitive pricing, the Good Cat has quickly established itself as the go-to choice for budget-conscious Malaysian drivers, positioned as the cheapest electric vehicle in the country with a significant price advantage over its competitors of more than RM10,000.

With two models on offer, the 400 Pro and the 500 Ultra, the Ora Good Cat caters to various driving needs. The 400 Pro boasts a claimed range of 400km, while the 500 Ultra takes it further with a claimed range of 500km – impressive figures for an affordable EV. These models offer a practical range that suits everyday commuting and even longer journeys, making the Ora Good Cat a versatile option for drivers seeking an electric vehicle.

Design and Features

The Ora Good Cat captivates with its charming and retro-inspired design, a testimony to the creative vision of renowned former Porsche designer Emanuel Derta. With its round headlights, curvy body, and distinctive rear end featuring embedded taillights, the Good Cat exudes an irresistible allure on the road.

ora good cat design

Not only does the Ora Good Cat turn heads with its exterior design, but it also offers a range of vibrant colors and the option for two-tone paint combinations, allowing owners to personalize their vehicle according to their preferences and style.

The charm of the Good Cat extends to its interior as well. Step inside, and you’ll find a well-built and spacious cabin that combines comfort with modern design elements. The seats offer exceptional comfort, ensuring an enjoyable journey for both the driver and passengers.

Key Design and Feature Highlights
Design Features
Quirky and retro-inspired Round headlights
Curvy body Distinctive rear end with embedded taillights

The Ora Good Cat’s design and features combine to create a car that not only stands out from the crowd but also provides a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. Whether cruising through city streets or embarking on a road trip, the Good Cat offers a delightful blend of style and practicality.

Performance and Handling

The Ora Good Cat may not have the power of a high-performance EV, but it offers a smooth and capable driving experience. Equipped with a front electric motor, the Good Cat delivers 141 horsepower and 210 Nm of torque, providing adequate acceleration for daily driving needs.

One of the standout features of the Good Cat is its innovative one-pedal driving system, which allows drivers to control both acceleration and braking with just the accelerator pedal. This intuitive feature not only simplifies driving but also enhances energy efficiency by maximizing regenerative braking.

While the Good Cat may not be the most engaging car to drive in terms of sportiness, it compensates with its comfortable ride and responsive handling. The electric motor delivers instant torque, creating a smooth and quiet driving experience.

“The Ora Good Cat offers a smooth and quiet driving experience, with its electric motor delivering instant torque.”

ora good cat performance

The Good Cat’s suspension setup and well-calibrated power steering further contribute to its agile handling. Whether maneuvering through city traffic or cruising on highways, the Good Cat feels composed and easy to drive.

In summary, while the Ora Good Cat may not be a high-performance power machine, its electric motor, one-pedal driving feature, and overall handling make it a reliable and enjoyable car for everyday commuting and urban driving.

Range and Charging

The Ora Good Cat offers a versatile range of battery options to cater to different driving needs. Drivers can choose between a 47.8kWh battery with a claimed range of 400km and a 63.1kWh battery with a claimed range of 500km. While these ranges may be optimistic in real-world conditions, they still provide sufficient range for daily driving and even some longer trips.

To ensure convenient charging, the Ora Good Cat comes equipped with a 7kW AC wallbox charger, allowing owners to easily recharge their vehicle at home or at workplace charging stations. Additionally, the Good Cat is compatible with DC fast chargers, with a maximum capacity of 60kW, providing quicker charging times for those on the go.

Charging Options Comparison

Battery Option Claimed Range Charging Time (7kW AC wallbox) Charging Time (DC fast charger, 60kW)
47.8kWh 400km 8-10 hours 1-2 hours
63.1kWh 500km 10-12 hours 1-2 hours

Interior and Technology

The Ora Good Cat’s interior is a perfect blend of modern design and minimalist aesthetics. Crafted with high-quality materials, it creates a sophisticated and comfortable ambiance for drivers and passengers alike.

The centerpiece of the interior is the 10.25-inch infotainment touchscreen, which seamlessly integrates with the dashboard. This digital display provides intuitive access to navigation, entertainment, and vehicle information, making every journey more convenient and enjoyable.

For the driver’s convenience, the Good Cat also features a 7.0-inch digital driver’s display, providing important information right at eye level. This display enables easy monitoring of crucial driving metrics, such as speed and battery status, without distraction.

The Ora Good Cat takes connectivity to the next level with its Apple CarPlay integration. By connecting their iPhone, users can effortlessly access their favorite apps, make hands-free calls, and enjoy their favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks. The seamless integration of Apple CarPlay enhances the overall driving experience, keeping drivers connected while prioritizing safety.

Ample Legroom and Thoughtful Design

Beyond its technological prowess, the Good Cat also offers a spacious and thoughtfully designed interior. Both front and rear passengers can enjoy ample legroom, ensuring a comfortable ride even on longer journeys. The ergonomically designed seats provide excellent support and comfort, allowing occupants to relax and enjoy the drive.

The Ora Good Cat’s minimalist interior design creates an uncluttered and calming atmosphere. It incorporates subtle design elements, such as tasteful accents and ambient lighting, to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

“The interior of the Ora Good Cat is a testament to thoughtful design and attention to detail. It combines modern technology with a spacious layout, providing a comfortable and stylish environment for both drivers and passengers.”

Overall, the Ora Good Cat’s interior offers a blend of cutting-edge technology, functional design, and comfort. From the digital displays to the ample legroom, every aspect is carefully crafted to elevate the driving experience.

Safety and Warranty

The Ora Good Cat prioritizes safety with its advanced sensors and European safety standards. It comes equipped with a range of safety features to ensure a secure and protected driving experience. These features include:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Emergency Braking System
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Rearview Camera

These safety technologies work in unison to help prevent accidents and provide peace of mind on the road. Whether you’re navigating busy city streets or cruising on the highway, the Ora Good Cat has you covered.

In addition to top-notch safety features, buyers of the Good Cat in Malaysia can enjoy an industry-leading 5-year, 150,000km warranty, ensuring that you’re covered for any unforeseen issues that may arise. The Good Cat also comes with an 8-year, 180,000km battery warranty, giving you added assurance for the longevity of your electric vehicle’s power source.

But that’s not all. Ora goes the extra mile by offering free maintenance services, allowing you to keep your Good Cat in optimal condition without worrying about additional costs.

With its commitment to safety and comprehensive warranty coverage, the Ora Good Cat provides a reliable and secure driving experience, giving you the confidence to hit the road with peace of mind.


The Ora Good Cat is an impressive eco-friendly and affordable electric vehicle that combines a unique design, decent performance, and a host of modern features. Despite minor flaws in its user interface, the Good Cat’s overall charm and value remain undeniable.

With its competitive pricing and impressive warranty coverage, this electric vehicle stands out as a compelling choice for drivers seeking an eco-friendly and stylish ride. Its adorable and funky design, coupled with its smooth handling and comfortable ride, make it a joy to drive in both urban and suburban environments.

Furthermore, the Good Cat’s range and charging capabilities provide sufficient autonomy for daily commutes and occasional longer trips. The ample interior space, digital displays, and Apple CarPlay integration add to the car’s appeal, ensuring a pleasant and connected driving experience.

In conclusion, the Ora Good Cat is a commendable electric vehicle that proves you don’t have to sacrifice style, performance, or value in your journey towards sustainability. Whether you’re an eco-conscious driver or simply looking for an affordable electric option, the Good Cat checks all the boxes and more.

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What is the Ora Good Cat?

The Ora Good Cat is an electric vehicle (EV) manufactured by the Chinese company Great Wall Motor (GWM) under its Ora brand.

What are the Ora Good Cat models available?

The Ora Good Cat is available in two models: the 400 Pro with a claimed range of 400km, and the 500 Ultra with a claimed range of 500km.

How does the Ora Good Cat’s design stand out?

The Ora Good Cat features a quirky and retro-inspired design, with round headlights, a curvy body, and distinctive rear end with embedded taillights. It also offers various colors and two-tone paint options.

What can you tell me about the Ora Good Cat’s performance?

The Ora Good Cat delivers a smooth driving experience with its front motor, providing 141 horsepower and 210 Nm of torque. It also offers one-pedal driving, allowing drivers to control both acceleration and braking with just the accelerator pedal.

What are the battery options and charging capabilities of the Ora Good Cat?

The Ora Good Cat comes with two battery options: a 47.8kWh battery with a range of 400km and a 63.1kWh battery with a range of 500km. It can be conveniently charged using the included 7kW AC wallbox charger and can also utilize DC fast chargers with a maximum capacity of 60kW.

How is the interior and technology of the Ora Good Cat?

The Ora Good Cat offers a modern and minimalist interior with a focus on digital displays and high-quality materials. It features a 10.25-inch infotainment touchscreen, a 7.0-inch digital driver’s display, and Apple CarPlay integration.

What safety features does the Ora Good Cat offer?

The Ora Good Cat prioritizes safety with advanced sensors and complies with European safety standards. Specific safety features may vary depending on the market and model.

What warranty coverage does the Ora Good Cat come with?

Buyers of the Good Cat in Malaysia can enjoy an industry-leading 5-year, 150,000km warranty and an 8-year, 180,000km battery warranty, along with free maintenance services.